Rewards From Him

Psalm 127: 3
Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him.

Psalms 139: 13-16
For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;

your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place.
When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body.
All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Our Personal Looney Bin

Things have been crazy around here.  We just had a baby, so that's to be expected right?  Somehow our little family manages to take crazy to next level.  Here is an example of one night last week, where all the crazy came together in perfect synchronicity to make one big wacko night!
I got Noah to bed, which usually happens around nine o'clock.  It seemed like a normal night as I drifted quickly to sleep.  Little did I know what my three angels had in store for me!

1:00 am-Noah gets up for his first feeding.  For some unknown reason he doesn't want to go back to sleep.  It takes me until 1:45 to get him to sleep
1:45 am-Drift off to sleep again.
2:45 am-I wake up to a someone staring at me.
     Sophie-"I need a drink."
     Me-"Take a drink of my water and go back to bed.  Shut the doors quietly please."
     I get out of bed to shut the door she left open.
     Sophie is perched on her toes on Matt's side of the bed, staring down at me(he was in the bathroom).
     Me-"Sophie go to bed."
     Sophie-"But, Mommy..."
     Me-Sigh.."What Sophie?"
     Me-"Sophie go to bed."
     Sophie-"But Mommy!  The toilet won't shut flush!"
     Me-"Sophie, Mommy is very tired and I need sleep, please go back to bed, I don't care about the toilet. and shut the doors quietly on the way out."
     I get out of bed to shut the door she left open.
4:00 am-Noah wakes up to be fed.  He goes back to sleep really easily.
4:30 am-Someone is staring at me again.
     Me-"What do you need Jack?"
     Jack-"I had a bad dream."
     Me-"Give me a kiss and go to back to bed."  (What I really want to say? "You did not have a bad dream,
             you aren't even a little bit scared right now!  STOP WAKING ME UP!")  "Shut the door quietly on
             your way out."
     I get out of the bed to shut the door he left open...what in the world is wrong with these kids that they
     can't shut a door????
5:30 am-Noah gets up for his last feeding of the night.
6:30 am-Noah wakes up for good.  I ask Matt as he is getting ready for work if that was the craziest night
      ever.  He asks me what I am talking about.  And that my friends is the most amazing part of it all.  He
      slept through ALL of it!  How is that even possible?

And here is a little visual of silliness, because I don't like to post without pictures.


The Three Amigos

Right before I took Noah's two month pictures I happened upon the mustaches that I had bought at the party store.  I immediately bribed asked the kids if they wanted to try them out.  They were really sticky on the back, so I just put them right on their faces.  Jack gave me the most trouble because he said it tickled his nose.  I only had to bribe ask him again, and he agreed.  The following shots crack me up every single time I look at them.  I love my goofy children, and that they let me take crazy pictures like this!

I showed them how to make "outlaw" faces, and this is what I got.

This one is my favorite!

Sophie loosing it because it was so goofy!

Baby with a mustache!  (cracking up over here!)

He was trying to eat it off!

The best part is, I have three more mustaches to try again someday!  :)

Noah @ Two Months

Another month has come and gone!  Wow!  It went fast and slow at the same time!  We are all loving having Noah here with us!  He is such a happy, content little guy.  He loves to smile at all of us.  Just last week I also caught a couple giggles.  It was three to be exact.  Noah does this this thing where he starts to laugh and stops, he is just waiting for something funny so that he can have a big old belly laugh.  The sleeping front is wonderful!  He is starting to sleep anywhere from 4-6 hours at the start of the night.  I can count on one hand the number of nights I would consider "bad" nights.  That makes for one happy momma!  I am loving the extra sleep, but late at night when I creep into his nursery to nurse him, I get to cuddle and be alone with him.  I secretly love it.  So I am 100% OK with getting up at night!  Love, love, love this boy!  Excited for what's to come!

 Noah is pretty content most of the time, but if we do something he doesn't like, he lets out a shrill, high pitched scream.  It gets our attention every time!

Noah loves to converse.  He will wait until you talk to him, and then make lots of cooing noises at you.  He loves those little conversations.  For some reason, I always said "HI Noah" beginning the day he was born.  Now he makes this little noise that sounds just like "Hi" to get our attentions.  He's a genius right?  ;)  I took him to a meeting with me last week, and I laid him on the floor so that he could move around.  I was talking to the other moms there, and not looking at him.  He began yelling loudly to get my attention, and didn't stop until I looked at him.  I am wondering if all of this "talking" will mean he will talk sooner than the twins did.  

 He can roll over from front to back on occasion.  He can't do it every single time, but sometimes he figures it out, and around he goes.

He still loves the Moby wrap, and hates swings, high chairs, bouncer chairs, etc.  We have tried him in the excersaucer for a few minutes with blankets tucked around, and he enjoyed looking at the toys.  He likes to just lay on his back and check everything out!  He also loves to be held.  At least I know my arm muscles are getting a workout!

His eyes are turning blue, which, if they stay that color, will mean three blue-eyed kids.  Can't believe not one of them has green/hazel eyes!  We aren't really sure about hair color.  Sometimes it looks like Jack's blond color, and sometimes it looks like Sophie's color.  It gets brushed up in the back, and looks like it might be curly like Sophie's.  Can't wait to see how that changes!

When I put him on his belly for tummy time, he pushes himself forward and kicks his feet as if trying to crawl.  I can't put him in the Boppy, because he launches himself off of it onto the floor.  So silly!

Love this little boy!  I couldn't have asked for a better addition to our family.  God gets it right every time!  He sent us little Noah, and we couldn't be happier or love him more!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Noah One Month

What a month it's been!  I can't believe one month has gone by!  The time has flown, and we are so busy as a family, that each day runs right into the next.  I loved having twins, but I also love having just one baby.  It has been really nice to be able to focus on him, and not feel overwhelmed all the time.  It is just so different.  Noah definitely has his own personality, and we are starting to see more and more of that come out.  He really is a content baby, which is great, because I worried about having a colicky baby, and being overwhelmed.  This time around, I am also getting sleep, which makes a world of difference!  It's easy to not feel crazy when you aren't so sleep deprived!  Noah is making me think that the addition of one more baby might be doable!  ;)

Noah at One Month:

  • You love to eat!  You eat anywhere from one hour to three hour increments, but you would love to eat every hour if I let you!
  • You sleep anywhere from 4-5 hours at the start of the night.  I am hoping this gets longer!  Every so often you have a crazy night where you are up every hour.  I know I'm fun to be around and all, but...
  • You will lay in your crib without freaking out and screaming.  Jack never did this!  You will even put yourself to sleep sometimes!

  • Your nicknames are:  Noah Boa, Noah Bean(s), Bean, Beans, Beanie, Fussy Pants Magee, Jack...oh wait, that only happens sometimes!
  •  You have to be held exactly how you want, or you fuss.  We go through quite the gyrations trying to get things perfect for you.
  • You love the Moby Wrap, and I think I saw you give a little smile one day while I was putting it on.
  •  Your unofficial weight on our scale at home is 11.1 lbs.  Seriously?  You are growing like a weed!
  • You are wearing 0-3 months clothes with some 3-6 months thrown in.  Forget newborn!  You grew out of those sometime last week.
  •  You make that silly face(above) just like Jack and Sophie.  I guess it's a family thing, because other moms have told me their kids don't do that.
  • You are starting to smile, and it is so sweet!  They are just random most of the time, but you are trying to engage us.
  •  The above picture is the wall above Noah's crib.  I have been wanting to use the cards in a room for awhile, and they fit right in in a boy's nursery.
  •  You love Jack and Sophie.  Especially Sophie who spends lots of time talking to you and playing with you.  I left her upstairs with you the other day, and turned the monitor on, and she was mimicking Matt and I.  It was so sweet!
  •  You are such a happy little guy, and rarely fuss.  The only times you fuss are if you get bored laying somewhere, aren't being held right, or if we put you in your bouncer chair or car seat.  You hate the bouncer chair and swing!
  • When you are hungry, you make little sucking motions with your mouth.  Then you let out little coughs, as if to say, "ahem, feed me."  If I miss both of those signals, you scream a high pitched, shrill scream that's impossible to miss!

You have stolen our hearts little guy!  I cant imagine life without you!  I'm not rushing you, but I am excited to see just how your personality fits in with our family.  We are enjoying every moment of this stage you are in, and it's still going crazy fast!  I mean, weren't you just born yesterday?  Look at your little face!  You don't look very newborn anymore.
I love you Noah Beans!

Dear Jack at Four

Dear Jack,
Our wild little boy.  You are one big ball of energy.  Most days you spin through our house like a tornado, and I just pray that I can keep up with you.  Let me tell you, it's tough!  But I've had some years of practice under my belt.  Ever since you have been mobile, you've never slowed down.  Trying to keep you in line is a full time job!  Every so often though, you slow down enough to give me a glimpse of the sweet you, the little cuddles you will give me on the couch, and I know that underneath the blur, you are such a wonderful little boy.  I want you to always remember that!  God made you energetic, sweet, and fiercely loyal.  I can tell, that you love those in your life tremendously.  You are loyal, and you are kind.  You try to make sure that everyone is included, and no one gets their feelings hurt.  You are so happy and social!  Your teachers tell us that you are the one who is always initiating the play.  You try to get your friends to play the games and things you want to play.  You are a leader.  Just like your Daddy.  God made you such a special little boy, and I hope you always remember those little things that make you, you.  They are very special, and so are you!    

At four, you love anything that involves getting your energy out.  Running all around, moving and jumping, constant motion.  The converse of that is the fact that you love your Duplos more than any other toy.  You make ships and cars everyday.  We watched as this skill progressed, and you started to make all of your ships symmetrical, carefully placing each block.  Then you made bigger ships, and ships that can hold things.  Your brain is always working.  You love big words.  I try to talk using more advanced words, and you love it.  You incorporate them into your speech, and it is quite silly when you occasionally get them wrong.  Your teachers tell me that you are very well behaved at school.  Which is so awesome for this momma who worried you might have too much energy for school.  Remember how I mentioned that you were loyal?  Last week we were at a play date, and you and Sophie were running around the gym.  A little boy accidentally hit her, and you were right there to protect her.  You wanted to know "who did that to her."  You were going to get that guy.  The other moms were amazed, but I've seen you act this way before.  You love her, and you are going to keep her safe.  I have to add, that I didn't tell you not to react this way.  It awesome as a girl to know that you have a brother there to protect you.  It makes my heart happy that you two will always have each other.  I hope you are always so sweet and loving.  It will be a tremendous asset later in life!  Your future wife will love it!  ;)  I am so thankful, everyday, that you are my little boy.  I can't wait to see you grow up with Noah as your brother.  Maybe you two can work together to not tear down the entire house!  ;)  So thankful that God blessed me with you as a son!  <3  

Dear Sophie at Four

Dear Sophie,
It's so hard raising a girl.  I want so much for you, and it seems of utmost importance that I pass it all along to you.  I used to think I had to help you become a certain person, or help you act a certain way.  It hit me quite suddenly, that God made you exactly who you should be.  He made you strong, sweet, and sassy, all rolled into one.  He made you such a beautiful person, inside and out.  And that's it.  That's what I really want you to remember.  I want you to know that you ARE beautiful.  And it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, that's the truth.  You can be anything you want to be, do anything you want to do.  I don't have to try to stop you from making the same mistakes as me, because you aren't me.  But it is funny how many things are similar between us two.  Maybe that's why we butt heads sometimes.  Every so often, you question me, and make me realize your viewpoint is right.  In the end, you will always have Jesus to guide your way.  Daddy and I can tell you what we think is important, but if you always make sure to follow Him, you will never get lost. 

At four, you are quite the opinionated little lady.  You know exactly how your day should go.  What you should wear, eat, do, you have opinions about it.  Jack used to be "in charge," but lately you are the one bossing him around!  As much as you fight with him, you love him.  He is your playmate and best friend.  You don't really like to be in a separate room from him, even when you are fighting.  Your favorite toys are your art supplies.  Crayons, markers, paint, coloring books, plain paper...I have trouble keeping the house stocked.  You make creations everyday, and most days Daddy and I are surprised at what you make.  You've drawn spiders, pumpkins, flowers, people, and a million other little things.  Your teachers were surprised at how well you stay in the lines when you color.  Other people are impressed that you draw things with the right color crayons.  You want to hang everything on the fridge, so that everyone can see it!  When I tell you that I have a "craft" for you, you get so excited!(Now here's one of those things we are so similar about!  ;) ).  You love to learn new things, like writing skills.  You don't let me do anything for you, but instead have to do it on your own.  You are still shy around new people, but love to play with friends you know.  You like playing with girls better than boys, but will play with a boy if he is friends with Jack.  I don't ever have to worry about you getting into trouble when we are at a playdate or school.  Your teachers let me know that you are quite well behaved at school.  You wait until you get home to challenge all the rules!  You can be quite dramatic when you want to be.  In fact, you cried for about thirty minutes last week(all the while Daddy and I talked about how we would have been spanked by this point!) about a princess wand that you wanted.  After you were done with your huge fit, you looked at Daddy with your best "doe eyes" and asked him if you could have the wand.  I had to leave the table I was laughing so hard!  Some days, raising a girl can be the most challenging thing I have ever done.  But then I look at you, really look at you, and my heart floods with love, and I know that with Jesus by our sides, everything will turn out alright.  I have been so blessed by you!  I always wanted a little girl, and I am thankful everyday that you are the one I was given.  <3

Monday, December 5, 2011

Decking the Halls

The day we brought the Christmas tree home, we decorated it right away.  I took a quick nap, and when I woke up, Matt had the lights on the tree, and the train set up.  He was pretty excited about that train!  We bought a new train this year, which is the Lionel Strasburg Train.  The Strasburg Train is the first train the kids rode on, so it is pretty sentimental!  The twins love operating the train, and are learning to do it better all the time.  We also got more track with the new train, so it stretches across the whole room.  I'll have to post pictures later, but Matt bought felt to be snow, and set up a little town with a church and a chocolate shop, benches and lots of trees.  It's going to be fun to add little things to it each year!

Jack and Sophie have been getting around three ornaments a year since they were born.  Sometimes more.  We give them one each, and both sets of grandparents give them one.  It's fun to pick out that ornament each year, based on what really interests them.  And of course, when we unwrap them each year, the twins want to know where each one came from.  I have a good memory, but I started a list this year so that we could remember when they got each one, and who each one came from.  It will be such treasure when they go their own way as adults, and have a whole tree full of meaningful ornaments.  I just love Christmas Traditions!  Both of their grandparents already gave them their ornaments this year, but Jack and Sophie will have to wait until Christmas Eve to get our ornaments!  And of course this year, we have the fun of picking out Noah's first ornament.  We are seriously going to need an additional tree soon! 

Here are Jack and Sophie decorating our tree.  They were so careful, and nothing has broken so far!

Little Noah slept through the whole thing.  Matt propped him up on the couch for a picture with an ornament, and he gave us this little smile.  He must be dreaming of sugar plums!  Isn't he the sweetest?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Perfect Tree

Happy Thanksgiving!
We decided to forgo any big celebration this year, and just spend the holiday with the five us.  We haven't spent a holiday like that for ages!  The day turned out really great.  I made a turkey breast, and all of the fixings, and we ate "Feast Food" as the twins called it.  Above is our sad little family photo!  It is cute nonetheless.  We ate after watching the Macy's Day parade, and eating veggies and cheese and crackers, with pepperoni(of course).  As soon as we started eating, Noah wanted to eat too!  HA!  After the meal, we hung out, and watched movies in the kids anywhere chairs by the fire.  It was Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving on the computer.  For dessert we had peanut butter pie which is Sophie's favorite.  It was a very nice day with our little family.

The next day we went to cut down a tree.  We like to get the tree up as early as possible!  We went to a new farm this year, which takes you to the trees on a hayride.  Sophie wasn't sure at first because the sides were open, but she quickly decided she liked it.  We quickly went to the fur trees, and found a winner.  Matt cut it down with a saw, and they wrapped it up for us.  We took the hayride back to pay for the tree and hook it to our roof.  I think we will do this again next year, because it was lots of fun!

Noah stayed nice and cozy in the Moby Wrap.  We both love that thing!  He gets to be all cuddled up like a little ball, and I get to have him nice and close.  He snoozes most of the time, and I can use both hands.  It was a great investment!

The five of us.  You can see Noah's little head peeking out!

The perfect tree!

 The kids played on this little train, and looked at some animals in a little petting zoo while Matt tied our tree to the roof of our car.

Mission Accomplished!  We had fun, picked out a tree, and now my house smells like pine!  Tis the season!

Meeting Baby Noah

 The day the twins finally met Noah was an exciting one!  They were excited to meet this little guy for so long!  They finally had their chance to meet him when we brought him home from the hospital.  We had originally planned to have them come to the hospital, but they had slight colds, so we thought it would be best to wait.  Thursday, after Noah was born, I was finally free from the hospital!  It was a terribly rainy day, and gray, but we barely noticed it.  I missed the twins terribly when I was in the hospital.  I couldn't wait to get home and see their faces.  I swear they grew tons in the three days I was gone.  Their little faces were huge after looking at Noah's tiny face all week.  
The twins could not have done better.  They were gentle, and quiet, with just the right amount of curiosity thrown in.  Of course as soon as Noah got home he wanted to eat.  I went upstairs to nurse Noah, and my thoughts of privacy went right out the window when they busted upstairs to watch.  I hadn't really discussed breast feeding with them, I just told them that Noah wouldn't drink from a bottle.  Sophie was mighty curious as to why Noah was drinking "from my belly button."  She is one silly girl! 

After he was done eating, they got to hold him.  They were the epitome of a proud brother and sister.  They love him!  They want to be around us all the time.  They want to hold him, pet him, kiss him, and talk to him all the time.  If Noah is crying, Jack gets pretty upset.  He wants me to feed Noah right away.  Last night, I was in the nursery putting Noah to bed, and he was fussy after I fed him.  Jack was yelling out of his door, "Mommy, the baby's crying, the baby's crying."  Matt had to explain I was already with the baby.  Sophie has taken to calling him "Noah-bean" because she hears me say it.  They really do love him, and I think that love will only grow stronger as the can interact with him more and more.  They love his smiles and coos so far, and are extremely interested in what he is up to!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Welcome Baby Noah

Warning!  This is a birth story, although not graphic at all, if these things bother you, read no further!  Skip this post and wait for the next one!

Monday the 7th, I had a routine forty week doctors appointment.  I was starting to get frustrated with the whole waiting game.  When was he going to come?  Apparently sooner than I had anticipated!  My doctor, while doing a routine check, broke my water.  She looked at me and said, "Ooops!"  It took me a minute to realize what had happened, and then I was confused and not happy.  I knew that I only had about twelve hours to deliver Noah, and then I would need another c section.  Thankfully my body was ready this time, and contractions started right away.  Not so thankfully, they were two minutes apart, and a minute long my entire labor.  Needless to say, at 4cm I asked for an epidural.  My contractions never slowed down, and I was ready to have Noah by 10:45.  I tried for three and half hours, and he was almost out, but I needed help, so the doctor helped him out.  He arrived finally, and 1:42 am on November 8th.  Matt got to cut the cord, and when they gave Noah to me, he immediately started rooting, and even sucked a couple of times.  It was so cute the first time he sucked, because it startled him that milk came out.  He gave a little jump!  So sweet.  Matt and I are in love with him, and as soon as we saw his little face, after months of discussing who he might look like, new that he was ours.  He is such a combination of Jack and Sophie, but undeniably ours!  I have to say, the whole process was awe inspiring.  I prayed so much that he would arrive safely, and God was so good to us.  I was able to deliver him vaginally, and Matt was able to watch his son being born.  It was a very special moment, just like watching Jack and Sophie being born.  There was a moment in the delivery room, where my contractions stopped for about five minutes.  The doctors were concerned, but I didn't pick up on it until later.  No contractions can signal a uterine rupture.  He was protecting us though, and we are so thankful!  Thank God for a successful VBAC, and a healthy and happy Noah.  We are beyond blessed with three wonderful, healthy children!

Noah Wesley Anderson, born at 1:42 am on November 8, 2011 at 8.6 pounds.
 Noah relaxing the morning of his birth.  He looks just like Jack in this picture!
 The proud daddy and his newest son. 
 Mommy and baby.
He really is the sweetest thing!  So calm and content.  He only cries when someone messes with him, doesn't feed him, or changes his diaper.  He doesn't even get upset with the craziness around our house!  HA!  He breast feeds like a champ, and although he doesn't sleep for long stretches, he does sleep!  I feel twenty times better this time around, because of only caring for one infant!  I feel really blessed to have been able to experience twins, and a singleton.  Loving this little cozy, cuddly newborn stage, and trying to suck it all in one last time!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Four Year Old Questionaire

I asked the twins a series of questions to reflect on their age and personalities.  I asked Sophie first, because I knew she would be excited and cooperate.  :)

Here are her answers:
Can you tell you your name?  S-O-P-H-I-E (she spelled it for me)
How old are you?  Shows me four fingers, and decides it's five.  After counting, we settle on four.
What is your favorite color?  Pink and Purple!
Who is your best friend?  Bekka!(No deliberation there...she has decided Bekka is the only friend she needs!)
What is your favorite animal?  Butterflies
What do you want to be when you grow up?  A ballerina
What is your favorite movie?  Care Bears
What is your favorite book?  The Barbie and ballerina books
What makes you happy?  When I get presents and it's my birthday.
What makes you sad?  When I don't get anything.(I really thought she was going to say when Jack is mean to her.)
What is your favorite food?  strawberries and kiwis(she loves fruit!)
What is your favorite song?  Funny songs
What is your favorite game?  Candyland
What is your favorite toy?  La-la Loopsy
What do you like to take to bed with you?  Loveys and ballerina bear
What do you like to wear?  Ballerina Costume and Ballerina Shirt(This girl cries unless I put her in a dress.  She tells me people won't know she's pretty unless she wears a dress.)
What is your favorite thing to do at school?  Make cubes.(Their teacher taught them to make cubes out of special blocks.)
What is your favorite thing about Daddy?  When he plays La-la Loopsy with me.
What is your favorite thing about Mommy?  When she makes me yummy food.
What is your favorite thing about Jack?  When he doesn't hurt me.(ah...there it is!  Not that Jack hurts her a lot!)

Next, I called Jack upstairs.  He flipped his lid, and cried and complained about how it was going to take FOREVER to answer the questions, and he didn't want to do it...he's dramatic when he doesn't want to do something!

Here are his answers:
Can you tell me your name?  Jack(in that fussy way he says something when he knows he's trapped.)
Can you tell me how old you are?   I don't know(he always says this, even though I know he knows!)  after talking he figures out it's 4.
What are your favorite colors?  Blue and red.
Who is your best friend?  Dax
What is your favorite animal?  um...What animal is red?  I like elephants because they are blue.
What do you want to be when you grow up?  A scuva diver.
What is your favorite movie?  Cars 2 and Star Wars(I have to add here, that he has not in fact seen Star Wars, but rather, several clips on YouTube that Matt has shown him.  He knows it is a more "adult" movie, and that's why I think he gets so excited about it.)
What is your favorite book?  Do I have a Cars book? (yes) Then that's it!
What makes you happy?  When I get presents.(really?  both of them?   I need to work on what's really important in life...)
What makes you sad?  When I get a time out.
What is your favorite food?  pepperoni and bacon!
What is your favorite song?  The Star Wars Song(a Weird Al song on our Satellite Radio) and Cars 2
What is your favorite game?  The Sorry Cars 2 game I got for my birthday.
What is your favorite toy?  Star Wars and Cars 2(Seriously, this kid plays with his Duplos, making "ships" every single day, all day I am interjecting here, that it really is Duplos!)
What do you like to take to bed with you?  Toys that don't make noise.(I think he is reciting a rule here, because I won't let them take noisy toys to bed)
What do you like to wear most?  Cars 2 clothes.(He loves sweats and comfies, which his Cars outfits are.)
What is your favorite thing about school?  Playing with play dough, but I never do, I forget!
What is your favorite thing about Daddy?  When he builds me ships.
What is your favorite thing about Mommy?  When she plays with me.
What is your favorite thing about Sophie?  When she does something nice to me.

These kids are downright goofy...I hope I am able to keep asking them this every year, to see how their answers change!

Fourth Birthday

On Sunday, we had a family birthday party for the kids.  We kept it really simple and hung out, had dinner, and opened presents.  We had bought an ice cream cake, but never got around to even singing "Happy Birthday."  The party the day before made me more exhausted than I can say!  Eight months pregnant, plus birthday party, equals a tired mommy.  Thankfully, the twins just love hanging out with their family, and the undivided attention that their Grandparents and aunt and uncles give them.  We worked really hard to make sure the twins didn't think their birthday was all about presents, but they were really excited for that part of the day.  Truth be told, I think their grandparents like seeing them open presents!  :)  We didn't take a lot of pictures that day for some reason, but I liked this one of the excitement of it all.  And Jack insisted on wearing his "comfies."  That's what we call sweats around here.

 Monday was the twins actual birthday, and Matt and I were beginning to loose a little steam by then.  ;)  Of course, he made them his traditional pancakes.  Last year, it was Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  This year they got the first letter of their names.  Of course I made bacon, because Jack is addicted to it.  I hear this is a pretty universal Anderson thing, although, my dad is addicted too!  Who doesn't love bacon, right?  In the second picture, you can see Sophie wearing her shoes.  She got the most crazy pair of pink sparkled shoes ever from her Grammy, and insisted on wearing them as soon as she woke up.  Also, don't mind the chairs...I was too tired to put our real kitchen chairs back!

 Matt and his spatulas...he makes such a mess in the kitchen when he cooks!  ;)

After breakfast, the kids went to school for a couple of hours.  They got to celebrate with their class, and their teachers made it really special.  They got stickers that said it was their birthday, a little apron with a green frog on it, which is their class name, and a little card with their classmate's finger prints.  I made them each their own kind of cupcake.  Once again, by Sunday night when I was working on these, I was exhausted.  So they turned out alright, although Matt mercilessly made fun of them.  ;)
Cars for Jack(sorta looks like Lightning) and butterflies for Sophie.
After school we took the twins to McDonald's, which we only do on special occasions, because Matt and I hate that place!  HA!  It was their choice though, and they liked the little toys they got, and playing in the playplace.
We came home, hung out for a little bit, had cake and ice cream cake, and watched a movie downstairs.  The most relaxing way to spend a busy, busy weekend!

So thankful to be able to celebrate four years with the little guys.  I said lots of prayers that weekend(and almost every day) that I get to be their mommy.